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Renovate Your Existing Property

Realize profits from your real estate assets quickly and easily through our recommended renovations. We have done the research for you to find what buyers want most so that you can be sure that your renovation will increase your property value and saleability. Let us take the guess work out of choosing and executing the most lucrative property improvements for you. Contact us today and we’ll take you through the options, identify the best courses of action for your property, and make them a tangible reality for you.

Investment Renovation Suggestions


The quickest and most cost effective way to give your property investment a higher lease on life is by giving it a face lift.  At Pinestone Homes, we call this “refreshing” your investment, and the opportunities for cost efficient refreshing upgrades are numerous. When you work with Pinestone Homes, we will start by assessing your property to see how much can simply be improved to give it a new investment look without the new investment cost. Anything that can be refreshed is saved and made to look like new, which increases your property’s value while saving you money. 

One of the best ways to refresh your asset is by improving its curb appeal. Stone and brick facades, new paint or stucco, and improved landscaping are all fantastic ways to increase the attractiveness of your asset. The most cost effective exterior “refresh” for your asset is refinishing concrete resurfacing. This method requires no demolition and can apply an endless array of patterns, styles and colors to your investment. 

For the interior of your investment property, new paint, new cabinet fittings, and steam cleaned surfaces are fantastic ways to make your property look as good as new. If cabinets and surfaces in your property are sound and in good condition, but in need of a deep cleaning, we will make them look like new. 

To increase the value of your property by refreshing your property, contact Pinestone Homes today

Renovate and Replace

Once we have identified all possible opportunities for refreshing your property’s existing components, it’s time to look at targeted renovations and replacements. This option requires a higher investment, which is why we only consider this option after all opportunities for refreshing your property have been exhausted. When it comes to investing in renovations, it is important to target the most lucrative opportunities, and Pinestone Homes offers the expertise and experience needed to pinpoint the best projects for renovation. 

One of the most lucrative remodel investments that will increase your property’s curb appeal and improve its efficiency is replacing exterior doors and windows. Combined with refreshing the exterior of the property, new doors and windows provide a fresh look while improving the efficiency of the building, both of which are marketable elements that will increase your return on investment.  

Inside your property, we will help you target key rooms that will garner the greatest returns, such as kitchens or master bedrooms. Identifying and rebuilding or replacing key components in these areas, such as cabinets or flooring, can dramatically increase the value of your asset without embarking on a complete interior remodel, which will reduce your ROI. Contact Pinestone Homes today to start earning the investment returns that you should from your property. 

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