From one hand to an extra handyman…

From one hand to an extra handyman…

Get the help you need to finally finish those needed home repairs

Kristen couldn’t stand to look around her home at all the needed repairs until she found a way to get them all fixed… for free! Before the work, Kristen felt like she was living life with one hand tied behind her back. She spent her mornings struggling with her funky closet door and catching drips from the leaky drain under her sink until her friend pointed her to Pinestone Homes.

Kristen did everything she could to keep up with the maintenance. As a mother and a real estate agent though, she kept feeling like she had one hand tied behind her back. All she wanted to do was sit down to dinner and not wonder why the hallway light kept flickering.

Whenever she pulled herself away from what she really wanted to do to find the help she needed, she quickly grew frustrated by high prices and poor service. Until a friend recommended that she contact Pinestone Homes.

A short conversation later and Kristen was on her way to getting the handyman help she needed. Now she can sit and enjoy dinner… no distracting problems involved!

Find out how you, too, can get those nagging projects fixed, so you can enjoy your home without the nuisances of a mile long to-do list. Contact Pinestone Homes today to get started by visiting 

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