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Pinestone Process: Step 8

Even after we deliver you a beautiful project, we understand that there is still much to do before you feel at home again. Therefore you get our white glove services to get you settled in your new or remodeled home as easily as possible. Even after our multi-stage inspection and touch-ups that ensure the highest quality product, we offer additional complimentary services including;

A Whole House Deep Cleaning: Enjoy a house so clean that it sparkles! Before you get settled, your client advocate will work with you to schedule a complimentary deep cleaning of not just the project area, but your entire home!

Master Handyman Services for a Day: Ever feel like you just need an extra pair of hands to get things done? As part of our complimentary white glove services, your client advocate will work with you to schedule a master handyman to complete any small projects around the house that you have been meaning to get done.

Real Estate Financing and Rental Services: Take your investment property to new levels with our suite of upgrade services and then allow us to turn that potential into money in your pocket with our rental and resale services.

Pinestone Partners Rewards Program: Get our white glove services even after your project is completed by joining our Pinestone Partners Program.

Once your home is cleaned and your any small projects that you might have are completed, we want to throw you a housewarming party! You just tell us when and who you would like us to invite and we’ll take care of the rest. Show off your new home and impress your friends and let us deal with the logistics. It’s our way of saying welcome home! Get our white glove services by contacting us to start your project today.

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