...To Brainstorm A Unique Design

Pinestone Process: Step 2

Every amazing project starts with your ideas. Whether you have a vivid mental image of exactly what you want, Brainstorm Sessionor a collection of magazine pages that you like, we want to hear and see your ideas. On this first meeting with your personal client advocate, we want to get to know you; your ideas and aspirations for the project, your priorities and values, and hear your design preferences. Your client advocate will show you our catalog of options to foster your ideas further, answer any questions that you might have, and explain the next steps for your project.

After brainstorming ideas and themes that inspire you, your client advocate will work with you to schedule a project assessment. If you have any questions at any point during the entire process, your client advocate will be there to get you an answer. You will receive a brainstorm notebook of the ideas and plans discussed during this meeting for your continued contemplation.

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